Basketball walk-ons have the hearts of fans

Mar. 16, 2011 11:28 pm

Editor’s note: This graphic was produced by the J484 Information Graphics course. This is part of a series about UNC basketball. Continue to check and reesesport throughout the NCAA tournament to see updates to the series.

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“You’re welcome Tar Heel fans. If we didn’t get dunked on every day in practice, you wouldn’t be able to see it in the game.”

-Tweeted by @Real_BlueSteel

No longer just the bench warmers, the practice team or the subs. This year’s walk-ons have taken over the hearts of Tar Heel fans as none other than Blue Steel. Check out the graphic to find out more about the evolution of this team.

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This graphic was produced as part of the J484 Information Graphics course at UNC’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.