UNC basketball players expand to embrace Instagram

Mar. 15, 2012 4:21 pm

Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the men’s basketball team? Look no further than the Instagram app on your phone.

Instagram recently reached 27 million users, and Tar Heel fans can now count their favorite basketball stars among those users.

Several members of the team, already noted for its extensive use of social media, have recently started using Instagram, capturing moments off the court that remind fans that the guys are really just normal college students (with possibly some cooler shoes and travel options.)

The players have taken photos of each other cooking, playing video games, eating cereal, sitting in class, riding bikes and sitting on the team bus. A few examples of their photos:

They only recently joined Instagram, and have Tweeted excitedly about their discovery:

Members of the basketball team are already avid Twitter users, often sharing photos of each other through the service. For instance, assistant coach Bobby Frasor Tweeted a photo of the players sleeping on the travel bus last week. These photos are often widely Tweeted and re-shared by fans on Twitter.

Instagram is a social photo-sharing iPhone app (with an Android app coming soon). Users can take photos on their phones, edit them and add filters and upload them to the app. They then have the option of sharing those photos on Twitter or Facebook, and “liking” photos of users they follow. Those without iPhones cannot use the app or view the photos unless users share those photos on other platforms (such as Twitter or Facebook.) The app has exploded in popularity in recent months.

Instagram users can follow anyone whose username they type into the search function (although some accounts are protected and require approval from the owner to follow.)

Want to follow the basketball players on Instagram? Most of them have unprotected accounts that you can follow: