The reason why I love journalism so much is because it’s a field that requires you to ask questions. You don’t need to have all the answers, but you have to be willing to listen to the world around you and ask questions about what you hear.

The second screen is a new and exciting place for the media. Everyone is scrambling to figure how to best utilize it and engage users[…]

We’re starting to make some exciting progress here in the lab! Last week after we settled on our two official projects for the Summer Startup,[…]

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It just got real this week at Reese News Lab. While I would say that the first week focused on brainstorming, team building, and guest[…]

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Recently, the STEMwire and Reese News Lab interns accepted a challenge: work together to climb a virtual Mount Everest. The activity called on the participants[…]

In this first week working at the Reese News Lab, I feel like I’ve been constantly learning new things about journalism and entrepreneurship. I’m being[…]

My brain has exploded. It looks a lot like this: For my first week in the Reese News Lab, I’ve been constantly exposed to new[…]