Here at STEMwire, I’m supposedly a “content expert” – code for “very interested in STEM education” but “not a journalism major,” and therefore pretty new[…]

Over the course of two days, the summer STEMwire crew hosted a guest speaker in the news lab, engaged with an educator from a local[…]

After comparing all of the campaign promises of North Carolina legislators to the bill’s that are being passed, it seems like the majority of bills passed are just legislative logistics.

Jock Lauterer, my community journalism professor at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication, always says, “Technology will fail you.” In a recent phone[…]

While I have no hiring power and certainly cannot speak for those that do, I want to share my thoughts on getting an internship in[…]

R.I.P. Justin Bieber. And LeBron James, Charlie Sheen, Adele, Will Smith and many others. These are just a few of the many celebrities “killed” multiple[…]

As the marketing manager at Reese, I’ve been helping to promote an e-book about creating content for smartphones. “News on the go: Field notes on[…]

Last fall, I began working on my first story as a reporter, but it was not until it was actually published in February (months later)[…]

In my role as the manager for the Reese News Lab STEMwire project, aimed at creating conversation about science, technology, engineering and math education, I’ve[…]

For anyone who creates content for the Web – articles, videos, press releases, blog posts, cat pictures or the like – here’s a sobering thought.[…]