Community Guidelines

General Goals
Our aim is to provide a safe, inviting forum for users to discuss our content and debate community issues more generally. We value comments that respect this goal, and we moderate comments in order to create a safe place for healthy, intelligent discussion and conversation.

All viewpoints are welcome on the site, but we’ll distinguish between constructive debate and destructive insults.  Please respect other users, even while actively disagreeing with the viewpoints they hold.  Avoid flaming, personal attacks, trolling and other abusive behavior.

Please be aware that comments posted by others may be factually incorrect, so be wary while reading. We’ll do our best to fact-check all comments, and if we encounter a factually incorrect comment, we’ll reply with a correction. However, there will be times when we won’t have the resources necessary to adequately fact-check — so some factually incorrect comments may remain uncorrected.

This is your community, and in the end, you control the quality of conversation here.  If you leave intelligent, thoughtful comments and respect other users, the entire community benefits.

You can play a major role in promoting constructive comments and discouraging destructive ones.  If you think a user has left a valuable or constructive post, click the “thumbs up” button to let that user know you appreciate it, and engage with the user by leaving a comment in return.  If you think a post is inappropriate or offensive, click the “thumbs down” button, and avoid leaving an inappropriate comment in retaliation.

For more rules about posting content on reesenews, see our Terms of Service (which you’ve agreed to by using the site).

Moderation Policy
We will remove overly-offensive or threatening comments, and will not tolerate hate-speech or bullying and harassment of any kind.

If a comment is obviously spam or overly commercial in nature, we will remove it.

We will not edit your comments. If we decide that part of a comment is inappropriate, we will remove it in its entirety.

If our moderators remove a comment, a marker will be left in the comment thread to say so.

If a user repeatedly violates our community standards, we reserve the right to block the user from the site.

All actions taken by our moderators are final. If you think a post should be removed and we haven’t taken action, or if you have a complaint or comment about moderation, please email us at